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One of the most important factors to consider when buying property in Turkey is home insurance.  We at Coast2Coast Properties Turkey have teamed up with an excellent Insurance Provider here in Fethiye, who search for the most cost effective policy to suit your personal requirements for your home insurance in Turkey.

Our expert provider speaks fluent English providing a large range of insurance policies such as:

Home Insurance / Car Insurance / Health Insurance.   

There are three main types of property insurance in Turkey which are Buildings, Contents and DASK.   Before you request a quote, please complete a comprehensive list of what you would like insured along with its value.

The value of your property needs to be acquired. This is not the market value of your property, but the cost to re-build. It is important you know and understand the difference and why when acquiring building insurance. 

To gain a re-build value you need to know the square metre of the property which should be on your Tapu (title deed). However double check the square metre as sometimes these figures can be incorrect due to tax reasons. 

Then once you have the square metre of the property, find a reputable architect or the chosen insurance company to give you a cost per metre to re-build the property.

Once you have this cost, the next step is to take the area square metre and times it by the re-build per metre cost, then you have the value of your property to insure.

Your valuables are not only valuable in terms of price but can also hold a great deal of sentimental value.  And more often or not it is the sentimental value of an item lost or stolen which hurts us the most, so let us help you protect your most valuable items. 

Firstly think of ALL the contents you wish to be insured, including furniture, beds, electrical equipment, bedding, clothes, outdoor furniture, jewellery, sunbeds, passports, cash, mobile phones, notepads, laptops, kitchen freezer, lost keys, accidental damage etc.   

Please think of everything possible you wish to insure before approaching an
Insurance Company.

Please do not forget to think about excess payment.  This is the payment YOU pay for each and every claim.

DASK INSURANCE IN TURKEY (The Turkish Catastrophe Insurance Pool TCIP)    

What is Dask Insurance?  This is a government compulsory insurance issued by the Turkish Government to provide insurance cover for properties in Turkey.

This insurance is compulsory for all home owners and the cost of the policy is determined by the size of the property, the type of construction i.e wood, stone, concrete and last but not least is your home in an earthquake risk area.

Please also note DASK make it clear they only cover the “bare bones” or rebuild cost.
Additional cover should be taken out with a private insurance policies.



Bina   Building
Esya Furniture
Degerli Esya Valuable Items
Nakit Cash
Hirsizlik Burglary
Ferdi Kaza Vefat/Sakatlik   Personal Death or Injury
Ferdi Kaza Yillik Annual Death Benefit
Agac Deverilmesi    Tree Damage


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