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Are you struggling to get your property noticed? 

Are you feeling as though your property is not hitting the right target market?

Is your agent not keeping you up to date with changes in the market or failing to send you viewings?

We at Coast2Coast Properties Turkey are changing the way the market works here in Turkey.  We will keep you up to date with the latest property developments and regularly advise our customers in terms of prospective purchasers looking for  Property in TurkeyWe will endeavour to send viewers to your property based on the purchaser’s criteria.  If we feel your property is over priced, under priced or in need of improvements to increase chances of selling, we will inform you.

Many sellers believe their property is correctly valued, sometimes feeling they have the best property on offer for a prospective buyer in terms of size, location and any extra work the owner has completed on the property.   However we do advise, if you wish to sell your property relatively quickly, please do take the advice we offer in terms of valuing your property correctly in order to snatch a sale based on the CURRENT MARKET SITUATION.  We sadly find a lot of people struggle to sell their property due to not taking the advice from an experienced and knowledgeable agent like ourselves. 





Ø  Desperate

Ø  Sporadic

Ø  Uncontrolled

Ø  Pricing Mistakes

Ø  Varying Descriptions

Ø  Varying quality of photographs

Ø  Unqualified Leads



Ø  High Impact,

Ø  Correct Audience,

Ø  Quality Marketing

Ø  Controlled

Ø  Personalised

Ø  True Statistics Reported

Ø  Controlled enquiries

Ø  Quality Driven Leads



Simple, give Coast2Coast Properties Turkey the opportunity to become Sole Agent for just six months.  We will never ask for extra money, but will WORK HARDER to try and sell your property.  We have a goal to achieve and so do you. Let us do all the work, gain the rewards and complete a sale.   Every SOLE AGENT PROPERTY receives extra attention not only with extra targeted marketing but by actively REVİEWİNG AND SEEKİNG out those people who are looking to purchase property abroad.

Unfortunately, due to heavy competition we will never reveal our marketing strategy or techniques to our buyers or sellers.  We do hope you appreciate our business decision to act in this manner.

We have secured business opportunities with Agents across the globe, those of which our competitors are not using. We have found, through personal experience, that our competitors are using the same source of marketing and agents which can lead to mass marketing and can sometimes damage the credibility and quality of the product being offered.  Often or not a property gets lost within the mass marketing and could possibly lose enquiries.

We track each and every property individually and know exactly which marketing area is performing and which is not.  This type of controlled opportunity allows us to switch the marketing technique and strategy based on the statistics we review every day.  We have full control of all our properties.



Finding a reliable and reputable Estate Agent to sell your property is imperative to get the results you require.   Most purchasers are looking for the most desirable offer available to them based on their particular budget.  Matching the purchaser to the seller is the Estate Agent's responsibility and can only be achieved through specialised knowledge and experience along with the correct marketing techniques.

We would advise the best way to sell your property is to commission just one agent for a given period of time.  If you submit your property to one agent who is your SOLE agent, that SOLE agent will, or should, invest their time and budget into marketing your property professionally across their own professionally chosen networks and global agents.

We at Coast2Coast Properties Turkey do just that.  If we are acting as Sole Agent, we do not ask for further money to market your property.  However we do add more time, effort and specialised marketing tactics to sell your property.

As you are probably already aware there are countless agents in the area you are selling, but not all of them are credible, reliable or 100% committed to selling your property.  A lot of agents will seem to have the monopoly of properties on their books which can come across as very professional.    This is not always the case and we would advise you to look carefully into the agents, reputation of buying and selling and of course after sales service too. 




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